Diego Costa has already managed to become one of the most talked about players in the world. This is not surprising, given that he is a fantastic player, who is able to score goals, show brilliant attacking football, and make the most of any opportunity.

However, the Portuguese has a lot of things that can be improved. In order to do this, he needs to improve his tactical decisions, as well as his game.
This is what Chelsea can use to their benefit, and this is what they need to do in order to become a real contender for the title.
The main thing that the Blues need to improve is their defense, as they are currently ranked only behind Manchester City in terms of the number of points they have managed to score. This can be done by strengthening the defense, and by improving the game of the team’s leaders.
However this is not the only thing that they need, as the team needs to do a lot more. For this, they can use the talents of the following players:
* Lukaku;
* Sterling;
* Giroud;
* Cahill.
These players can be used in various ways, depending on the position in the lineup. For example, if the team is playing in a 4-4-2, then the following combinations can be made:
• Lukaku- Sterling- Giroud.
• Sterling- Lukaku, Giroud- Cahill, Sterling- Cahil.
In this case, the attacking midfielder will have the chance to show his maximum, and the goalkeeper will be able to make a good save.
If the team starts the game with a 4th midfielder, then it is possible to make the following substitutions:
1. Lukaku to Sterling.
2. Sterling to Giroud, Lukaku is replaced by Giroud in the second half of the match.
3. Giroud to Girouard.
4. Girouardi to Cahill; Giroud is replaced in the first half of match by Cahill and then Giroud will be replaced by Cahil in the last half of game. This will allow the goalkeeper to make several good saves.
All these substitutions will allow Lukaku and the attacking players to show their maximum, which will help the team to score more points.
It is also worth noting that the team has a good bench, so they can rotate the players in different matches.
Chelsea’ goal is to win the Champions league, and they have a good chance of doing this, as long as they improve their defense and their game in general.
How to follow the EPL live score
The English Premier League is one of Europe’ most intense championships. The EPL livescore is available to the fans on the website of sports statistics, where they can find the latest information about the matches of the top teams.
Of course, the EFL Cup is the most popular tournament in the English Premier league, but there are also other competitions, such as the Epl live score, which are more interesting for fans.
There are a lot to see in the Premier League, and fans can follow the results of their favorite teams on the Eflc website. Here, they will find the schedule of the matches, as soon as they start, as a result of which fans will be the first to know the outcome of the game. The information is updated in real time, so fans can find out the latest news on the field and in the stands.
You can always find the EPC score of the games, as it is updated live. This information is available on the site of sports statistical, where the data is updated quickly.
What to expect from the upcoming matches
The upcoming matches of Manchester United and Chelsea will be very interesting, as both teams are fighting for the champion title. The Red Devils have a very good squad, which can be strengthened, and it is worth noting the following:
· Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
· Jovic; and
· Rashford.
Each of these players can play in the midfield, as this is the best position for the team.
Jose Mourinho’ squad has already won the Champions trophy, so it is not a question of if they will win the next one, but of when. It is worth highlighting the following points:
● high level of teamwork;

● high level in the field;
• good selection of players in each of the lines.
Moreover, the team looks very good on the international arena, as Mourinho� and his players are able to show a good game in all the matches. This was evident in the match against Manchester City, in which the team was able to win with a score of 3:2.
Now, the Red Devils are in the top 4 of the Eredivisie, and if they want to win gold medals, they need only to win one more match. This should be possible, as there are a number of games ahead, and Mourinho” squad is ready to fight for it.
Where can fans follow the latest EPL results?
The EPL scores are available to fans on this website, where you can find all the latest results.