Juventus transfers rumors: The next signing is…

Juventus has a long list of players who can be considered its top priority. However, the club has not been able to sign a number of them in the summer. The list of those who are not going to be bought is long and includes:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Mauro Icardi;
* Alexis Sanchez;
* Isco;

The list of the players who are going to leave the club in the next season is also long and can be divided into two groups:
1. Players who have already left the club and are not in the list of priority.
2. Players whose contracts are not yet renewed.
In the first group, the most obvious names are:
· Cristiano;
· Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Portuguese has already left for Paris Saint-Germain, while Cristiano is already in the second division.
However, the main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the young player from Atletico, Isco. The Spanish player joined the Turin giants for a very reasonable price. He is a player who is able to become a key player in the team and will be able to replace the already retired Ronaldo. However the club will have to pay a high price for this.

The transfer of Isco is a good example of the problems that can occur when a club does not have the right to buy a player. The player has already made a number appearances for the club, but the club is not able to guarantee him a long-term contract.
At the same time, the player is a very good player and has already managed to score several goals for the team. It is clear that the club does have a number options for the acquisition a new striker, but it has to be done in a very serious manner.
Main transfer rumors for the summer
The main transfer rumors of the season are:
1) The signing of a new goalkeeper.
This is a great opportunity for the Turins to strengthen the position of the club. However it is important to note that the new goalkeeper will be a specialist in the position, which will be very useful for the goalkeeper coach.
Another important transfer is the acquisition by the club of a defender. The club has a number players who have left the team, but they are not the main priority. The main transfer is a defender who is a specialist on the position. This player will be an excellent addition to the team’s defense.
3) The acquisition of a striker.
Juve has a lot of options for this transfer. The most obvious ones are:

* Mario Mandzukic;
2) Antonio Conte;
3). Alexis Sanchez.
It is clear now that the team has a high probability of signing a striker who will be the main star of the team in the future.
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Latest news on transfers and other sports events
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One of the most popular sports events in Italy is the Italian championship. It has been held for the last 30 years, and it is considered to be one of the best championships in the world for its high level of competition.
There are several reasons for the popularity of the championship. One of them is the high level in the number of matches played. The teams play a total of 2,500 matches in a season.
Also, the Italian championships are held in the middle of the year, which allows the teams to rest and prepare for the upcoming season. This is a guarantee that the teams will be ready for the fight for the title.
Fans can always follow the results of the matches of the teams and their rivals. This will allow them to keep abreast of events and be the first to learn the latest information.
Team’s results in the championship
The team of Conte has been in the top-4 of the Serie A for several years in a row. The team of Allegri has been at the same position for several seasons in arow.
Recently, the team of Juventus has been on the top of the standings for several months in a year. This shows that the fans are not satisfied with the performance of the leaders of the squad.
Many fans are looking forward to the upcoming matches of Conforti and Allegri. The players will have a lot to do in order to get into the top 4 of the league.
Will the team be able not only to get a place in the Champions League zone, but also to win the title of the main club of Italy? Fans will find out the answers to these questions only when the team starts the season. The results of its matches will be known in a few days.
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The football season in Italy has come to its end.