The only possible lineup against Stoke is:
1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
2. Cristiano Ronaldo;
3. Gareth Bale;
4. James Rodriguez.
All of them have a chance to score a goal, but only one of them will be able to do it.
The team’s chances of winning the Premier League are pretty good, but the team still needs to find the right balance between attacking and defensive football.
Live Results of Football Matches
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In the Premier, the teams are divided into two groups, which are named the first and second. The teams of the first group play against the teams of second group, while the teams from the second group play with the teams that have been eliminated from the tournament.
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The Premier League is a tournament that has been held for a long time. It is a competition that is very popular among the fans of the English Premier League.
It’ s interesting to watch the Premier because the teams have a lot of interesting players. The most popular of them are:
* Gareth Southgate;
* * Jorginho;
* * Ronaldo;
** Ibrahimovic.
Each of them has his own speciality.
Of course, the main star of the team is the team” s head coach, but there are also other coaches who can help the team to achieve its goals.
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There are a lot football players that you should know about. They include:
• Cristian Tello;
• * Ronaldo; * Zidane; Messi;
* Messi.
Tello is the main player of the Portuguese team. He is a fantastic striker, who scores a lot. Ronaldo is a brilliant player who scores many goals. Messi is a great player who has scored a lot in the national team. You should know that he is a Spanish player who plays for the national football team. The website 777 score offers the information about all the players.
They are:
1- Ronaldo, who scored a hat-trick in the Champions League;
2- Messi, who is a world-famous football player;
3- Zinedine Zidines, who was the player of French team Olympique Lyon.
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