The Argentine player has a good reputation in England, and he is also a good option for the Gunners if they want to strengthen the attack.
In the last season, the Gunner’s results were not so good, and the team was not able to achieve a good result.
However, in the current season, it is clear that the team is ready to fight for the title.
It is worth noting that the Gunneryers are in the middle of the Championship, so they have a lot of time to improve their results.
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The team has already played against the leaders, and it is obvious that it is necessary to strengthen it.
At the moment, the team has a number of players who are not performing well, such as:
* Ceballos;
* Semedo;
* Gedion, who is still not playing at the level of the leaders.
This situation has been caused by the fact that the players have not had enough time to adapt to the team’ structure.
After the first games, it has become obvious that the situation in the team will not change, so the Gunnies will need to strengthen their positions.
That is why the team needs to sign a new player, who will help them to achieve the desired result.
The player who will be a good choice for the club is Higuane.
He has already managed to score many goals for the team, and this is why he is considered as one of the main players of the team.

He is a player who is able to create scoring opportunities for the other players, and therefore he is able not only to help the team to achieve its goals, but also to become a leader in the club.
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Arsenal’ performance in the Champions League
In recent seasons, the club has managed to reach the Champions’ League final, which is a great result for the fans.
Of course, the current campaign is not an exception, as the Gunnlives have not been so successful in the group stage, but the team still has a chance to win the tournament.
One of the reasons for the failure of the Gunny is that the club does not have a good selection of players in the squad.
Also, the players do not have enough rest during the matches, which affects their performance.
Now, the situation is getting better, as many of the players are already playing in the Premier League, and they have already managed not to miss the Champions’ League matches.
Thus, the Arsenal players have a chance of winning the tournament, and if they do not lose, they will be able to become one of top clubs in Europe.
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The Gunnys have a great opportunity to achieve this goal, as they have the following advantages:
1. Long bench.
2. Good selection of the squad members.
3. Individual skills of the club players.
Therefore, the main goal for the players of Arsenal is to achieve their best result in the tournament so far.
They have already played in the Europa League, where they were defeated by Inter.
If the Gunlives manage to win this tournament, then they will have a real chance to enter the Champions club league.
So far, the results of the Arsenal are not so impressive, but they are gradually changing this situation.
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The club has already entered the Champions tournament, so now it is time to enter it again.
As for the results, the fans can be satisfied with the fact, that the Arsenal has managed not only not to lose, but to achieve good results in the matches against the weaker teams.
During the last campaign, the squad of the gunners was quite weak, so it was necessary to make some transfers to strengthen its position.
Among the most important of them are:
• Semedio;
• Cebalero;
• Koscielny.
These players have already shown their capabilities, and now it will be much easier to achieve results. The team has the following options:
· Signing a new goalkeeper;
· Signing another striker;
· Adding a defender.
Each of the options has its advantages, and in the long run, it will help the Gunneyers to achieve better results. Now, the most interesting part of the season is still ahead, so we will see how the team performs in the next matches. It is worth highlighting that the current Champions” league” has become a real test for the teams, as it is very difficult to win against the stronger opponents.
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The current season of the English Premier League has already shown that the competition is intense, and each match is very important for the progress of the teams. This is why it is extremely important to follow the live football scores of the matches of the championship.
Recently, the English football has become more interesting, and many clubs have started to compete for the place in the top-4 of the Premier league.