The new season of the Premier League is about to begin, and the teams are already preparing for the fight for the title. The first matches of the new season will be held in the English championship, and it will be interesting to follow the development of the confrontations.
The English Premier League, as well as the Champions League, are the most popular tournaments in the world. The most popular teams of the championship are:
• Manchester United;
• Tottenham;
· Chelsea;
• Liverpool.
In the Premier league, the teams fight for gold medals, and in the last season, the Red Devils won the title for the third time in a row. Chelsea, on the other hand, was defeated by Manchester United in the final match.
As for the Champions league, it is the most interesting tournament in the history of the game. The main favorites of the tournament are: Real Madrid; Barcelona; Bayern; Juventus; and Liverpool. The last time the teams met in the Champions final was in 2013, when the Reds won the trophy.
It is very important to follow football betting in order to make the most profitable bets. This is especially true for the English Premier league. The teams are quite strong and have a good chance to win the title, so the fans can expect a lot of interesting confrontations during the season.

The season of English football is quite long, and there are a lot to see and do in the championship. The new season promises to be interesting and exciting, so it is important to bet on the results of the matches.
Chelsea vs Manchester United
The teams are very close in the standings, so they can fight for a place in the top 4. The Blues have a very good chance of winning the title this season, too. They have already managed to win a lot, and this is the reason why they are the favorite of the season in the Premier.
However, the Reds are also quite strong, and they are able to win even against the favorites. This season, they have a lot more chances to win, so we can expect more confrontations with the Blues.
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Manchester United vs Liverpool
The Red Devils are a bit behind the Reds in the league table, but they have already won the Champions trophy. The team is quite strong this season and has a good opportunity to win gold medals.
Liverpool is not as strong as the Manchester United, but it is still possible that the team will be able to fight for places in the elite. The Reds have a chance to fight with the teams that are much weaker, so you can bet on this.
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Main Intrigues of Season
The main intrigue of the English football season is the fight between the teams for the champion title. It is quite possible that one of the favorites will win it, and then the other team will have to fight against it.
This season, Manchester United and Liverpool have a great chance to become the champions. The Red Devils have already beaten the team in the previous season, and now they have the opportunity to repeat it. They are quite close to the team, so if the team does not lose points, then the team can win the championship title.
There is a lot that can happen in the season of football. You should always bet on a team that has a chance of getting into the top four.
Live Results of English Premier Leagues
The Premier league is the main championship of England, and you can follow its results on 777 sports website. The Premier league has a lot in common with the Champions cup, and both tournaments are interesting to bet.
Most of the clubs in the premier league are quite weak, so even if they lose points they can still win the tournament. The leaders of the league are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United.
All of them have a decent chance of finishing in the first four places of the standings. You will see the results and odds of all the matches that the teams will play in the new year.
How to Follow Football Results
The first matches are already starting, and we can already see the main favorites and outsiders of the upcoming season. The top teams are: Manchester City; Liverpool; Chelsea; Arsenal; Tottenham; and Manchester united.
Each of them has a decent chances of winning a place among the top-4. You need to bet to make sure of it. The matches are quite interesting, and if the teams lose points then they can lose the championship, but if they win points then it is quite likely that they will get into the elite of the premier.
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New Season of English Football
The team that will win the champion trophy this season is Manchester City.