The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfer news from the Premier League is that of the club that is now called ‘Manchester United’. The club has been in the top-four for a long time, but it was not in the Champions League for a number of years. The team was not able to win the coveted trophy, but the fans were happy with the results of the team.
The previous season, the team lost to ‘Liverpool’ in the final. The previous season the club had a good start, but then it lost the first two matches of the championship. The fans were not happy with this, but they were not ready to give up.

The fans were also disappointed with the performance of the ‘United’ players in the Europa League. The players did not show their best game, and it was obvious that the team needed to improve its results in order to get into the top 4.
In the summer, the club bought ‘Lionel Messi’ from Barcelona. The Argentinean player is a fantastic player, who is able to score goals and create a lot of chances for his team. The player is able, for example, to score a goal in the 90th minute of the Champions league final.
However, the main thing is that the player is the leader of the squad of ‘Messi’ and the team is able not only to win, but to win against the best teams of the Old Continent.
What are the prospects for the team?
The team is now in the middle of the standings, and there is a good chance that the club will be able to get to the Champions Cup zone. The main thing for the club is to get a good result in the domestic championship, because it is important for the fans to see the team in the best shape.
It is important that the players are able to show their maximum in the international arena, because the team needs to play in the Premier league in order not to lose points in the matches against the teams from the lower divisions.
‘Manchester City’ is another team that is trying to get in the European arena. The Citizens have a good squad, and they are able not to miss a single match of the season. The squad of the Citizens is also able to play at the highest level, and this is why the club has a good chances of getting into the Champions cup zone.
Do you think that the “citizens” will be successful in the English Premier league?

It will be very difficult for the ”citizens’ to get any results in the current season, because they have a number 1 player in the team, ‘Pep Guardiola’, who has already managed to get the team into the Europa league zone. “Manchester City “is also able not miss any match of their league, because this team has a number one goalkeeper in the world, “Kepa”.
Despite the fact that the goalkeeper is able get into dangerous positions, he is able also to save the ball. The goalkeeper is also very good at playing in the penalty area, and he is also capable of saving the ball from the opponent.
This is why “City” is able win matches even against the strongest teams of England. The “citizen” also has a very good squad. The only problem is that “United” has a better squad, because “Barcelona” and “Real” have a lot more players.
Will the team be able not lose points?
There are a lot chances for the players of the teams that are in the fight for the title. The clubs are now in a good shape, and many of them are able win the fight in the championship and get into a higher position.
For the teams, it is very important to get points in matches against weaker teams. The teams that want to get closer to the top four, have to play against weaker clubs. The stronger the team’s results, the more points it will get.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the information about the results and the statistics of the matches of various sports.
How to follow the news about the matches?
You should know that the main news is that there are a number 2 in the EPL, ”Liverpool”, who was in the first position in the season and was able to make a number 3.
At the beginning of the new season, ’Liverpool‘ started well, but after that it started to lose ground. Now, the fans are not happy, because now the team has no chance to get close to the leaders.
There is a chance that ’Manchester City” will be in the same situation, because there is no one in the squad who is capable of scoring goals. ’City” has a great goalkeeper, who can save the game of the opponents.
But the main problem of the players is that they do not show the maximum. The problem is not only that they are not able not get into serious matches, but also that they miss a lot.
One of the main problems of the current team is that it is not able play in a number 4 position.