The transfer window is coming to an end and the football world is already starting to think about the new season. The main transfer news of the season is the arrival of new players.
The main transfer of the winter was the transfer of Aubamexang from Borussia Dortmund. The French striker is a player who has been in the Borussia lineup for several seasons now. The transfer cost the club about 2 million euros.
Aubamexag has already scored a lot of goals for the club. He has already managed to score 15 goals in the last season. This is a good number for a player of his age.
However, the transfer also has its disadvantages. The first is the fact that the player is not ready to play in the number 9 position. The second is the cost of the transfer.
Will the club be able to use Aubameang in the future? We will know soon.

The new season will be very interesting for fans. The teams are already in the middle of the championship. The clubs have a lot to do, especially if they want to win the title.
All the latest news on the transfer market from around the world
The winter transfer market is already in full swing. Fans can follow all the latest information on the market on the sports statistics website
This season, the main transfer stories are the acquisitions of AubAMEXANG and LacazETAL. Both players are not ready for the number 10 position, but they are able to help the team in the long run.
Also, the club has a lot more money for the summer. This will allow the club to make further acquisitions.
New season, new transfers
The start of the new football season in the Premier League has already shown that the transfer window can be opened at any time of the year. The start of new season is also a good opportunity to make new transfers.
At the beginning of the current season, Manchester United was the most active club in the transfer windows. The Red Devils have made a lot in the summer transfer market.
In the summer, they bought:
* Lukaku;
* Martial;
* De Gea.
As a result, the team has a good squad.
Lukaku is a young player who is able to become a key player for the team. He is a striker who can score a lot and is able not to miss many balls.
After the summer transfers, Manchester united has a number of interesting players. Among them are:
· De Geay;
· James;
· Martial.
Each of them has his advantages.
James is a winger who can play on the left wing. He can also be used as a substitute.
De Geay is a defender who can also play on defense. He also has good skills in the air.
Both Lukaku and Martial are able score goals.
What is the future of Aubamesxang?
The French striker AubameXang has already been in Borussia for several years. The club has already won the German championship. He became a main star of the team and became a fan favorite.
Now, Aubamezang is a free agent. The price of the club is 2 million euro. The team has already signed him for 2 million. However, the cost is not the only thing that the club needs to pay for. The player is a key part of the lineup.
If the club wants to keep him, they need to pay a price. This price is the transfer fee. The cost of 2 million is not a lot. However the club can afford it. The players have a long career ahead of them. They need to be paid a decent amount.
They have a good transfer budget. However they need a good striker.
Borussia Dortmund has a long bench. The squad is not very strong. The new season promises to be very intense for the fans.
Main transfers of the off-season
The off-Season is already over. The winter transfer window has ended. Fans will be able see a lot new transfers in the next season.
One of the main transfers of this off-year is the acquisition of Aubamed. The striker is able score a good amount of goals. However he is not able to score a great number of goals in a long tournament tournament.
Another transfer that is interesting is the signing of Lacazettal. The Spanish player is able play in defense. The coach wants to strengthen the team’s defense.
It is also interesting to note that the team also has a new goalkeeper. This year, the goalkeeper of the Bumblebees is Marc-Andre ter Stegen.
Fans can follow the transfer news on this website. All the latest transfer news will be available here.
Football news from around world
Fans have already started to watch the football matches. The season is very interesting. The top teams are fighting for the title and for the place in the Champions League zone.
There are a lot interesting transfers that can happen in the near future. The transfers of Borussia are a good example of this. The German team has acquired:
1. Aubameaxang. The young French striker has already become a fan favourite.