Chelsea will face West Bromwich Albion on the 19 th of August, the match will be broadcasted live on the sports statistics website.
The match will take place at the same stadium where the famous match between Liverpool and Manchester United was held.
This match will also be the first match of the new season of the English Premier League.
Live football scores are available for free on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find not only the latest news from the world of football, but also the statistics of the matches of the championship of England.
Here, you can find not just the results of the games of the Premier League, but the schedule of the upcoming matches.

The website of the sports statistical service provides the latest information from all over the world. The information is updated in real time. The service is available to all users of the Internet.
Football scores are updated in a special section. Here you can see the following information:
* the number of goals scored;
* number of yellow cards;

* time of the kick-off;

* date and time of end of the match.
You can find the information about the match of Liverpool against Manchester United on the home page.
However, the most popular section of the website is the section dedicated to the football results of other championships. Here the information is available in full.
If you want to keep up with the latest football news, you should visit the website regularly. The latest information is always available here.
Results of the Football Matches
The English Premier league is the strongest in the world, so it is always interesting to follow the results. Here is the list of the most important matches of this championship.
* Manchester United 0-1 Liverpool;
This is the first victory of the Red Devils in the Premier league for a long time.
In the season 2018/19, the team of Jose Mourinho was quite successful, but in the new one it is not so.
Liverpool has a long bench, so the team has to play with its rivals. This is the main reason for the failure of the team in the matches with Manchester United.
Manchester United was the main favorite of the season. The team of Louis van Gaal was quite good, too.
But the team was not able to win the Premier lans match. The reason for this is the following:
1. The quality of the opponent. The Red Devils were not able not only to beat Liverpool, but to beat any other team.
2. The level of the game of the opponents. Manchester United is a very good team, but it was not so good in the match with Liverpool.
3. The schedule of matches. The English Premier lags behind the German Bundesliga in terms of the number and quality of matches played.
All the results, the schedule, and the latest livescore of the Manchester United matches are available on the main page of the site.
Upcoming Football Matched
In this season, the English football championship is very interesting. The main favorites of the tournament are:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester United; and Arsenal.
It is quite possible that the teams of Josep Guardiola and Unai Emery will not be able to repeat the success of the previous season.
There are a lot of interesting matches ahead, so you should follow the latest results.
Latest Livescores
The Premier league results are available to the users of this site. Here they can find only the most recent information.
Of course, the season is not over yet, so there will be a lot to watch.
For example, the matches between Chelsea and Tottenham, or Manchester City and Liverpool. You can follow the livescores of these matches on the site of sports statistical.
Together with the site, you not only get the latest data, but you can also follow the development of events in real-time.
Follow the development on the football field in the livescore section.
Main Favorites of the Season
Now, the main favorites are: Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea. The latter is the most obvious candidate for the champion title.
Chelsea is a team that has a very long bench. The players of the Blues are ready to play in the starting lineup of the strongest team in Europe.
One of the main reasons for the success is the selection of the right players. The selection of players is the result of the experience of the head coach, who knows the players personally.
Emery is a good example of this. He has a good understanding with the players. He knows their capabilities and the best way to use them.
He has also a good idea of the schedule. He always tries to find the opponent that will be able not to lose points.
Thus, the head of the club has a great opportunity to win a lot.
To follow the football matches of Chelsea, you just need to go to the site where you will see the information in full:
· “The Premier League Results”;
· “Chelsea’s Results“;
and “Manchester City Results’.
These are the main sections of the service.
After the match, you get the schedule and the results in the section of livescoring.
Current Season
The current season of English football is very important.