The first half of the season of the Premier League has come to an end. The teams have played a lot of matches and now it is time to make a prediction. The Chelsea-WBA game is one of the most anticipated confrontations of the new season. The last time the teams met was in the season 2018/19, when the Blues won 4-0.
The game was held at the Wembley, and the Blues were the first team to take the lead. The match ended with a score of 4:0. The team of Antonio Conte was the main contender for the victory, but the Blues managed to get the advantage of the score. The game was a real success for the team, as it managed to win the first match of the championship of England.
After the first half, the game became more and more tense, and it was obvious that the teams would finish the match with a draw. The second half of this match was very tense, too, and Chelsea managed to score 4 goals.
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Live Results of the Match
The start of the football season was not the best for Chelsea. The Blues were very poor in the first rounds, and their performance was not very good. The first matches of the team were not successful, and this was reflected in the results.
However, the team managed to improve its performance, and now they are considered to be one of favorites of the tournament. The main advantage of Chelsea is the fact that it has a good lineup. The players are able to make the most of the opportunities, and they are able not to make mistakes.
In the first matches, the Blues played very well. The starting lineup of the club was:
* Cesar Azpilicueta;
* Tammy Abraham;
* Tammy Abraham.
This lineup is a good choice, because the players are very capable of scoring goals. The club has a number of players who are able of scoring a lot, and at the same time they are not too dangerous.

The Chelsea lineup is very good, and many of the players have a chance to become stars. The list of players that the team has is very long, and among them are:
• Tammy Abraham, who has already scored a lot;
• Cesar-Azpilicuieta;
• Tammy Abraham and Tammy Abraham’s brother, who is able to score goals.

In addition, the club has many other players who can become stars, too. The most important thing is that the players of the Chelsea lineup are able, not only to score, but also to make important passes.
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Results of the Matches
The team of Conte has a very good lineup, and in the matches against the teams of the EPL, the players managed to make good results. The results of the matches were not so good, however, the results were not bad.
Conte’s team has a strong lineup, which is able of making the most important passes in the match and scoring goals in each game. The lineup of Chelsea has a lot to do with the team’s results, too:
1. The players of Conseco have a good understanding with the players, who are capable of making good passes. This allows the team to score a lot.
2. The team has many players who have a high level of technical skills, which allow them to make passes. The passing of the ball is a key factor in the success of the game of the Blues.
3. Conte’s players are capable not to lose the ball. This is very important in the context of the Champions League, because in the tournament of the strongest club, the ball must be played in a short time.
4. Many of the forwards are able make good passes, and when they do it, they score goals, too!
The EPL is a very difficult league, and Conte and his team have a great chance of getting into the top-4. However, they have to do their best, because they have a very long way to go.
Chelsea’s Prospects in the Next Season
The season of English football has come, and there is a real fight for the champion title. The EPL has become much more interesting, and every match is a new challenge for the teams.
Despite the fact, that the season has come and gone, the teams have not yet managed to finish the championship in the top 4. The fight for gold medals is very intense, and if the teams do not manage to finish in the playoffs, they will have to fight for a place in the Champions’ League zone.
At the moment, the main contenders for the title are Manchester City and Liverpool. The latter has a long bench, which can be used in the case of a need.